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Social  Workshop

Traverso means the forceful direction of a boat against the wind so as to avoid the waves that come to its sides. Similarly, we decided to act upon an era in which the socio-political ‘waves’ brake upon us uncontrollably. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that our initiative functions just as a reaction to the world as we knew it. Long before the outbreak of the storm we watched the winds intensifying and we dreamt of a different world. Especially today, that the feeling of helplessness harasses so many people leading them to inaction and despair, we believe that dynamic, positive initiatives are more important than ever.

We are

We are a collective of individuals with different backgrounds; some of us are working freelance, some in the public sector, some are unemployed, some have kids, some have dogs, some are from Kefalonia and some not, some live in Argostoli, some in the surrounding areas - but we all have something in common: the need to fulfill our dreams.

We believe

We don’t belong to a single, unified ideological stream and we don’t intend to represent any political party. We believe that our ideological orientation should be collectively shaped from our common views. We are building a realistic ‘hand-made’ ideological platform which represents everyone involved and this paper is a product of this platform. We make the road by walking. In this road, solidarity is our vehicle. We are not a charity and we do not want to be one. Therefore, we are focused on the hand-up rather on the handout. Our fundamental principles include equality, egalitarianism, collectivism, autonomy, self-organization and self-management. We are against any form of social exclusion, division and discord.

We do

We thought that the creation of a social space in Kefalonia is within our powers, a space that will accommodate social, political, educational, cultural and ecological activities, a space for all. We want to explore inclusivity and the possibility of active participation of everyone involved without any standardised hierarchical models. Our legal form is that of a Social Co-operative, a new kind of business that matches our values and vision.

With an emphasis on initiative, we aim to provide for people with fresh ideas and an interest on experimentation. We also want to provide opportunities for the development of skills through self-learning, peer-learning and through both theoretical and empirical approach of knowledge. Among others, we aim to offer services to people who need them but can’t pay for, as well as services that are not offered at all in Kefalonia. We are keen in promoting both topical and international culture, we like to think globally and act locally.

We refer to

Traverso aims to provide an opportunity for people to meet, socialize, exchange ideas, skills, experiences and feelings. We believe that communication and coiling is the best way to solve problems and enjoy life at the same time. Therefore, we are open to co-operation with individuals and communities, provided that they share our vision and pursue similar goals. We call all like-minded people to join us, the more the better!

Traveller, there is no road, the road is made by walking” Antonio Machado

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