Excursion to the old village of Farsa - 21/4/13



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Traverso invites you to a spring tour in the old village of Farsa, on Sunday, April 21.

Over the modern village of Farsa, 9km. north of Argostoli, lies the old abandoned village. The village first appears in official documents in 1678. During the Venetian occupation, this region was called Potamiana and was constituted from 7 villages one of which was Farsa.. As the area is mountainous, the main occupations of the inhabitants were farming and beekeeping. During the period of British rule, the development of shipping began, which, after the union of the Ionian Islands with Greece, was the main source of income for the residents. The village enjoyed great economic growth during the interwar period, when local private boats carried goods mainly from Corfu, Peloponnese and Piraeus.

In September 1943 the area was bombed by the Germans, but the final blow came ten years later. On August 12,1953, the village life was violently and permanently halted by the great earthquake that struck the southern Ionian Islands. The villagers moved a little lower on the slope, where they built the new village of Farsa. In 2005, on the initiative of the Greek American professor Dr.Zafeiratos, an ambitious project of restoration of the village began, but unfortunately it has not been implemented so far.

Today, three and a half centuries since the foundation of the village, and 60 years after its destruction, the old village, still well preserved, stands lonely and deserted,, thus forming an open-air museum of cultural heritage.

The program of the excursion is free and it includes:

  • Guided tour of the village
  • Creative activities for children aged 6-12 years, aimed at environmental and cultural awareness
  • Dutch treat picnic!

Meeting Time: 11:00am outside the indoor Sports Center of Argostoli. In case you do not have a vehicle, please contact us to make transfer arrangements.
















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