Clean Monday in Lourdas Beach - 18/3/13

Traverso invites you to celebrate Clean Monday in Lourdas Beach, in front of "Klimatis" tavern, from 11:30 in the morning!

We all bring and share our goodies (Lenten) in a feast with mainly traditional, but not only, music and dance!

During the celebration we will help kids and their parents to make and fly kites! Traverso will supply the necessary basic materials, but it would be helpful if you bring old newspapers, glossy paper, twine and liquid adhesives.

You are welcome to celebrate with us the end of Carnival and the beginning of Spring!



Although the weather was not an ally, we were compensated by the lovely landscape of Lourdas beach, so we had a lovely day with good company, delicious Lenten, lots of dance, children's laughter and a sky full of handmade kites flown high! Thanks to everyone who shared with us a day of relaxation and joy!









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