February Contribution - Kambana Café - 17/2/2013

The Social Cooperative ROTA and Traverso team, jointly organized the "February Contribution" event at the Kambana Café in Argostoli, on Sunday, February 17, 2013.

In Greek antiquity there were dinners where participants contributed either financially or with food, which were called “Contributions” (“simvoles” in Greek). Today, the same thing is called Collective Kitchen and it is an opportunity of sharing and socialization. So, we made an open call to a free lunch where we shared meals and sweets that we brought. Of course, all were welcomed, whether they brought something or not. The meal started at 13:00 and ended at 15:00hs.

After the meal, an open discussion on "Sustainability of ROTA Social Cooperative" took place at the square outside Kambana café, which sought practical ways to support the operation of the Café, which is an important social service that helps people with psychiatric problems become fully involved with the community. Thus, not only we shouldn’t allow Kambana café to be closed, but we should try to sustain it by any means. The discussion began with brief presentations by the President of the Board of ROTA Co-operative Katerina Garbi and by the social worker Vaso Papatatsiou, who exposed the problem in a realistic perspective. Then, an open dialogue has led to specific suggestions on immediate actions.

As a result of the dialogue, numerous people created a group -namely the "The Kambana Movement" as a participant successfully put it- a group that will try to summarize the suggestions heard and coordinate all actions necessary towards the viability of the Kambana Café.


The preparation of lunch

While receiving contributions

Lunch time

Moving to the square

Introducing the topic

Briefing by Katerina Garbi

Briefing by Vasso Papatatsiou

The discussion at its best!

Fotos: Dia-Logos-Drasi Movement


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