Second Hand and Crafts Bazaar – 15/12/2012

Traverso organized a second hand goodies and crafts bazaar at Obelix steakhouse, located in Lakithra Kefalonia on December 15, 2012.

There were men, women and children clothes, shoes, accessories, books, decorative items, handmade candles, Christmas ornaments and a thousand other goodies in very good condition, while the space was buffet with sweet, savory, coffee and refreshments throughout the bazaar. All materials and objects in the bazaar were kindly offered by Traverso’s members and friends, while the profits are being used to organize Traverso’s next actions.

The consumer orgy that marked the Greek culture for decades, now belongs to the past. This is one of the few positive consequences of a world that is constantly changing for the worse. It is time to rediscover values such as solidarity and mutual support. It’s time to remember that material objects acquire value not by price, but by the way we treat them. It’s time to remind us that goods have no value unless we have people around us to share them.

So the bazaar was our chance to get together, to talk and have fun, in a place and at a time that was suitable for all ages!

The all-day bazaar was followed by a very successful night party with live, captivating gipsy jazz music by our fellow Dimitri and his band!

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