Traverso Festival 14-16 July 2017


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It’s time for the 2nd Traverso Festival! Friday 14th, Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of June in Kallithea, Lakithra!


Friday 14th of July

8:30 p.m. - Live Rock, Funk, Reggae, Blues, Jazz and not only with:

M.Pollakis, M. Petratos & P.Skiadaresis

A dynamic and expressive rock trio!

Listen to M.Pollakis songs Sorcerer and Killer and Mary of the bluildings 


Synitheis Ypoptoi (Usual Suspects)

Kefalonia teenage rock band!

Now listen to What Smells Like Usual Suspects !


Exo Frenon

A well known band from Lixouri!

Listen to their songs Discolored Jeans and Loosing Myself 

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A University band from Lixouri!

For more info:


Saturday 15th of July

8:00p.m. – «Odd-Y-Sea» Music circus theater by Sea Clown Sailing Circus


Check out this: Odd-Y-Sea trailer 

For more info: Sea Clown Sailing Circus


9:30p.m. - "Marx in Soho" by H.Zinn - A performance from the theater project "Re Alexis"


Marx in Soho is a 1999 one-man play written by American historian Howard Zinn, about the life of 19th-century philosopher Karl Marx. The play is adapted to contemporary socio-politican conditions in Greece and worldwide.


11:00p.m. – The Smoking Time Jazz Club: Live swing n’ hot jazz from New Orleans 

Warm up with Percolatin’ Blues , Muskrat Ramble and Panama

For more info: Smoking Time Jazz Club


Saturday 15th of July, 8:30p.m.

Music and Food Fair

Some of Kefalonia's best musicians will be joining in. We’ll have violins, guitars, bouzoukia, baglamas, mandolins, ouds, and other traditional and non instruments. However, the more the merrier! So, bring your own instrument to the fair, and let’s become a great big music company!

At the festival the buffet will be on a voluntary basis, which means that we all bring tasty food and exchange the flavors! Finger food is served easier so its preferred. Everything that is made with fresh garden products is welcome: home-made patties, potato dishes, crunchy croquettes, personal favorites, cool salads, all welcome!


Grove Activities

Creative workshops for kids and adults

"Cyclades" - visual arts workshop with Maria Dima and Veroniki Damianidou (14-15-16 July at 6:30 p.m.)


Creative recycling with Yula Kutsubu (14-15-16 July at 6:30 p.m.)


You may see Yula's work in her FB page Transform It 


     Acrobatics workshop with Sea Clown Sailing Circus (14-15 July at 6:30 pm) 

For kids and adults who feel like kids!


 Interactive fairy tale narration from Cyprus with Vassilis Kyriakou (16 July at 7:30 p.m.)

Watch the trailer trailer: Fairytales from Cyprus trailer


     Yoga for adults with Maria Chrysikou (15-16 July at 8:30 in the morning!) 

Two 75 minutes early morning yoga lessons for all levels with the qualified yoga teacher Maria Chrisikou. Please bring yout mat along, if you have one!


Instructions to the Festival

Free Entry. For some activities contributions are greatly welcome.

A bar will be serving on all three days. On Sunday, since its ‘bring your own food party’, the food is free!

Take care of the space by disposing cigarettes properly (bring your own ashtray) and by choosing the right bins for your rubbish; recycling, or plain rubbish.

If you want to sit in maximum comfort, bring your own cushion!


Municipal District of Lakithra * Fokas & CO food & Drinks * Mini Market Lakithra * Patisserie Antonis* En Kefallinia Organic Farm Restaurant * Vironas Grill-Pizza * International Restaurant Pizzeria * To Kati Allo Pizzeria * To Psistiri Grill * Mescalero Café Bar * Mouikis Sun Village * Il Bagno Sanitary Ware * Apergis-Spiropoulos Ο.Ε. * Xylemporiki * Marinos Building Materials & Colors * Paporas Colors * Vikentios Damodos Kefalonia Ferries

Media Sponsors: Kefalonitika Nea * Ionian Galaxy 90.8FM

Technical support: Island Sounds


We warmly thank all contributors, participants and volunteers!

See you all there!

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