Get involved

We are always interested in working with people who share our ideas.

Here you can see what things we need help with, this period:

  1. Available spaces for events in the area of Argostoli and Livathos
  2. Collaboration with artists and crafters for the organization of workshops and seminars
  3. Collaboration with graphic designers to make posters and other printed and electronic material.
  4. Disposal of waste material for crafting


Useless - Useful Material

  1. Tin of Nescafe packs, cans (pretty big) and old coffee pots you do not need, or anything that can be used as a coffee pot.
  2. Glass and plastic bowls and jars, shoe boxes, preferably with lids (for storage of materials).
  3. Paper packaging (preferably those with lined aluminum foil e.g. packaging of fresh milk, juice, wine, prinkles, etc.)
  4. Any material that you have kept from florists and gift packaging items, e.g. decorative ribbons, paper wrappers.
  5. Twine (not synthetic), ribbons, yarn, knitting needles, lines, cords, wires, etc
  6. Cardboard, moderate thickness, such as your artwork coloring books
  7. Durable inner rolls from paper towels and toilet paper
  8. Construction paper: corrugated, glossy, vellum, kanzon, metallic, etc. layers;
  9. Decorative napkins and handkerchiefs
  10. Crayons (that's left over from children)
  11. Old nail polish in bright colors, glossy, with rhinestones, or anything fancy!
  12. Empty tea lights with silver grommet that holds the wick to the bottom.
  13. Remnants of fabrics, tulle, felt, etc.
  14. Transparent plastic sheets such as those used for old slides.
  15. Bottles of perfumes and other cosmetics without atomizer
  16. Favors
  17. Buttons, pearls, beads, sequins
  18. Styrofoam pieces
  19. Old CDs
  20. Straws beverages (any size and color)
  21. Sticks of skewers
  22. Magnets Stickers
  23. Bottle corks or damaged announcement boards
  24. Wooden hangers
  25. Wooden crates of fruit
  26. Old suitcases
  27. Old frames
  28. Any other decorative or utilitarian gadgets worn or simply not needed anymore. For example: broken Christmas ornaments, old, outworn jewelry, damaged leather or cloth bags.





We would like to thank the following, for their valuable assistance and cooperation in our efforts so far:

  • ROTA Social Cooperative – The Bell Tower Café, Kinisi Dia-Logos-Drasi
  • Café-Bar Mescalero, Obelix Steakhouse, Famous Store, Estia Store, Crepa Land, Cube Bookstore. Spathis Bakery, Triti Genia Bakery, Spyros Aggourias Bakery, Klimatis Tavern
  • Aris Alevizos, Stavros Antipas, Connie Bacoulaki-Jenkins, Eddie Delatolas, Georgia Fraggia, Spiros Gatzoynas, Maria Kappatou, Stephanos Kourkoulakos – Loukia Minetou, George Kremmydas, Laura Maragoudaki, Andreas Mesoloras, Panagis Tzanatos, Aggeliki Vaxali, Vassilis Voutsinas

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